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Ammouso Bay is a hidden away location on the island of Lefkada. It is barely touched by development and gives you access to the main beach of Ammouso which is organised with a bar and tavern. We don’t like promoting it to often but one of the most secret little hideaway beaches is located in the bay of Ammouso.

 Ammouso is located on the southern end of Lefkada off the main road leading to Vasiliki through the village of Marandohori. The village of Marandohori has been developed over the last few years so you will get all the essentials you need here as you will find the local bakery, super-market and a few taverns. It is approximately 5km’s from Ammouso. Other places in the area that are a must visit are Sivota Bay, Afteli Beach, Agiofili and the main town of Vasiliki.
Ammouso is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of other more popular beaches to really experience what we all expect from a holiday to Greece.

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